Spanish bookstores unite against Amazon

Spanish bookstores unite against Amazon

Todos Tus Libros is a new online platform, formed by more than 700 bookstores in Spain. Together, they want to unite against ecommerce giants such as Amazon. The independent sellers seek to gain a foothold in the online books market.

Todos Tus Libros (“All your books” in English) wants to become the largest platform for the sale of books. It was launched by the Spanish Confederation of Booksellers Guilds and Associations (Cegal), which brings together 789 bookstores in Spain.

Users visiting the website can just use the search engine to find the book they are looking for. After clicking on the “Where to find it” button, users will be able to either order the item or to reserve it and pick it up at their favorite bookstore. Books will be delivered at home within 24 to 48 hours.

Optimistic about the start

Cegal’s spokesman Alvaro Manso is optimistic about the start. “New bookstores are joining every day. On October 20 there were 25,000 users and today, about 40,000, and we have 2,500 orders that are growing exponentially.”

New bookstores are joining every day.

Born in response to a need

Manso says Todos Tus Libros was born in response to a need, because independent bookstores are the most important physical point of sale in Spain. “But they have a very small representation on the internet”, he adds.

Todos Tus Libros

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