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Supermarket Merkur from Austria opens online store

Supermarket chain Merkur from Austria has announced its plan to launch an online store next month. The ecommerce website will only accept orders from customers in the Vienna area for now. In the online shop of Merkur, customers can buy the full range of the physical stores, which consist of more than 20,000 items.


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According to the Austrian newspaper Der Standard, the online store of Merkur wants to deliver groceries that were ordered in the morning to customers in the evening. Merkur already has an online store. However, the ecommerce website Merkur Direkt is only meant for corporate clients such as companies and kindergartens.

Online grocery stores in Austria

Billa, the leading supermarket chain from Austria that’s, like Merkur, part of German retail and tourism co-operative group REWE Group, has an online store for several years now and since October 2015, it offers hom delivery to all households and businesses based in Austria. Merkur’s competitor Spar doesn’t have an online grocery store, so it could really boost Merkur’s sales and market share if the online store opens its doors next month.

About Merkur

Merkur is a chain of hyperstores in Austria. The average sales area of a Merkur store is 2,000 square meters and offers about 20,000 different products. The company has more than 10,000 employees working in the 126 stores across the country.