Swedish hypermarket Eko sells sex toys online

Swedish hypermarket Eko sells sex toys online

Eko, a Swedish chain of hypermarkets owned by Bergendahls, will not only expand its business by opening new physical stores, it also entered a new market online. The company has launched its first ecommerce platform, called E by Night, which sells sex toys and related products online.

Eko is a chain of hypermarkets that focuses on house, home and leisure products. It has stores in five cities across Sweden (Malmö, Fjälkinge, Borås, Kalmar and Västerås) and is planning to open a retail location in the city of Örebro later this year.

E by Night

The Bergendahls-owned hypermarket does not sell online under the Eko brand, but has now opened a online store called E by Night. The shop focuses on sex toys for both men and women and other related products. The company presents the products in a “tasteful way”, without eye-catching images on the homepage.

“We realized there is a demand and an opportunity in the market. We are not afraid to do something different and now we launch E by Night, a webshop where everyone can feel comfortable shopping”, CEO Tedd Berggren told 24Kristianstad.

Increased interest in sex products in Sweden

According to that local news site, the reason why this particular web shop is launched, is because there’s an increased interest in sex products in Sweden. Several other players have begun selling similar items, such as Apoteket.

Eko emphasizes that the package will be discreet and that it doesn’t sell adult movies or magazines. About 1,000 products are available since the launch and these are picked and distributed by an external wholesaler.

The idea of the sex store was brought to the company by employee Isabella Berggren, who was at a home party many years ago where adult toys were presented. “I hadn’t come into contact with that type of products before and had a completely wrong picture about what it was. I think that many people have, and that’s what we want to change with this online store”, she explained.