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Symbid launches platform for financing SMEs

Symbid launches platform for financing SMEs

Crowdfunding platform Symbid today announced the launch of the Funding Network. This is a platform that connects small- and medium-sized enterprises to all types of funding, whether they are traditional or alternative like crowdfunding.

According to Symbid, their Funding Network is the “first comprehensive online platform for SME finance, providing entrepreneurs with direct access to equity and loan crowdfunding, bank loans, venture capital, angel investors and investment funds”.

The platform does not only give access to all possible types of financing, it also lets entrepreneurs track the performance of companies 24/7. “With The Funding Network, entrepreneurs have maximum chances to get their company financed, thanks to a network of more than 29,000 particular (crowfunding) investors and more than 40 institutional investors like banks and venture capitalists.”

Symbid Funding Network

CEO and co-founder Korstiaan Zandvliet says it’s Symbid’s mission to simplify the way small businesses are funded. They want to achieve this through technology that enables a more transparent and efficient way of doing business. “The launch of The Funding Network is a step towards a more democratic financial future for us all”, he said. “This is a logical evolution for a financial industry still grounded in a traditional, vertical, offline way of operating. The Funding Network will be the most efficient capital market for private companies.”

Private and institutional investors will get full transparency on the potential risks and returns of their portfolio. Every entrepreneur who connects to The Funding Network will be guided towards the right type of funding with professional financial advice.

Thanks to a partnership with financial advisory firm Credion the expected total transaction volume of The Funding Network this year is 720 million euros. “Symbid aims to revolutionize the financial industry in a way that enables more people to connect, fund and grow. We have but one message: let’s invest in each other”, Zandvliet concludes.