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The biggest online stores in Switzerland in 2018

The biggest online stores in Switzerland in 2018

What are the top-selling online shops in Switzerland this year? Which Swiss ecommerce companies generated the highest turnover? Consulting firm Carpathia analyzed figures of the largest online retailers in Switzerland and came up with a top 50.

It’s for the second time in a row that Carpathia made a poster of the biggest online stores in Switzerland. The rankings are based on the achieved or estimated sales in Switzerland, grouped by top 30 B2C, top 15 B2B and top 10 travel, tickets and horizontal platforms.

Top 50 of Swiss online stores

The top 50 list shows the net revenue generated online and through mobile, in Swiss francs for the fiscal year 2017, excluding VAT, adjusted for returns and cancellations. The top three of biggest online stores in Switzerland consists of Digitec (514 million euros), Zalando (456 million euros) and (406 million euros).

China is on the rise

Online retail platforms from China are increasingly popular among Swiss consumers. This is not only shown by the number of parcels that reach Switzerland every day, but also because Swiss retailers are reluctant to compete with Chinese retailers, as the latter operate under competition-distorting conditions.

Carpathia says: “It’s hardly surprising that the two most popular Chinese platforms in Switzerland were able to rise so strong in the ranking: both AliExpress and Wish more than doubled their estimated sales in Switzerland last year.”

The biggest online stores in Switzerland in 2018.
The biggest online stores in Switzerland in 2018.