The most visited online marketplaces by country

The most visited online marketplaces by country

Amazon is a major online marketplace that’s also very dominant in Europe. But do you know the most visited online marketplaces by country? Do you know which eBay-owned marketplace is the leader in the Netherlands? And do you know Schibsted?

Website Builder Expert has revealed the top ecommerce marketplaces in the world. It compared population and internet usage data to determine the online marketplaces with the biggest online audiences.

Amazon is the number one

Amazon is the most popular ecommerce website in the world, with an online reach of over 1.2 billion. But it’s getting some serious competition from Chinese multinational Alibaba, which reaches an online population of 1.07 billion people with operations in 15 different markets.

Marketplaces worldwide

If we look at the map above, it’s clear Amazon is dominating the European ecommerce scene. But not everything in Europe is colored orange. The Nordics for example are owned by Schibsted and eBay.

Schibsted runs several online marketplaces in the Nordics

Schibsted Media Group is an international media group, consisting of several digital media houses and online marketplaces. Although, Schibsted is present in 13 countries across Europe, its focus is mainly in the Nordics, with marketplaces such as,, Blocket and mobile app Shpock.

eBay-owned ranks first in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the most popular online marketplace is (which is simply Dutch for ‘marketplace’). This ecommerce website was acquired by eBay in 2004.
Website Builder Expert provided us with their data on the biggest marketplace per country for the 28 EU countries, which you can see below:

Most visited online marketplaces in Europe

EU countries Most visited ecommerce site Ecommerce Empire
Austria Amazon Amazon
Belgium Amazon Amazon
Bulgaria Olx Naspers
Croatia Njuskalo Other
Cyprus eBay eBay
Czech Republic Heureka Other
Denmark The Blue Newspaper eBay
Estonia AliExpress Alibaba
Finland Tori Schibsted
France Amazon Amazon
Germany Amazon Amazon
Greece Skroutz Other
Hungary Jofogas Schibsted
Ireland Amazon Amazon
Italy Amazon Amazon
Latvia SS Other
Lithuania Skelbiu Other
Luxembourg Amazon Amazon
Malta eBay eBay
Netherlands Marktplaats eBay
Poland Allegro Naspers
Portugal Olx Naspers
Romania Olx Naspers
Slovakia Bazos Other
Slovenia Bolha Other
Spain Amazon Amazon
Sweden Blocket Schibsted
United Kingdom Amazon Amazon
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