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Top 10 ecommerce in Austria makes up half of top 250’s sales

Top 10 ecommerce in Austria makes up half of top 250’s sales

Things are looking well for the biggest online shops in Austria. The top 250 can look forward to double-digit growth. And the ten biggest ecommerce websites from Austria account for almost half of the top 250’s total online sales.

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Ecommerce in Austria is still performing well, probably this year also helped by the outbreak of the coronavirus and the accompanying measurements.

Every year, EHI Retail Institute and Statista analyze the 250 top-selling business-to-consumer online shops in Austria. This year’s study shows that the Austrian ecommerce industry is going through a fundamental and structural change, which is driven by exponential technological development. That’s what Rainer Will, CEO of Handelsverband Österreich, says.

The Austrian ecommerce industry is going through a fundamental structural change.

Ecommerce share of more than 11%

The Covid-19 outbreak has led to a boost in digitization. Will thinks that at the end of this year, Austria will, for the first time ever, have an ecommerce share that’s over 11 percent of total retail sales.

The top 250 of online retailers in Austria saw its total turnover grow from 3.17 billion to 3.60 billion euros last year. And the market concentration remains high, with the current situation being that the top 10 of online shops in Austria accounts for almost half (49.7 percent to be price) of the top 250’s online sales.

Current top 10 online stores in Austria

This is the current top 10 of ecommerce websites in Austria: 834.3 million euros
Zalando 346.8 million euros
Universal 111.9 million euros
Shop Apotheke 93.7 million euros
Otto 84.4 million euros
MediaMarkt 71.9 million euros
H&M 70.5 million euros
Apple 62.3 million euros 57.7 million euros
Cyberport 55.9 million euros

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