VidaXL builds biggest distribution center in the Netherlands

VidaXL builds biggest distribution center in the Netherlands

At the end of this year, online retailer VidaXL will have the biggest distribution center in the Netherlands. In Venlo, a place in the most southern part of the country, a completely new international distribution center will arise that can manage 60,000 orders per day. The distribution center is part of VidaXL’s international growth strategy, just like welcoming external vendors in its online store.

The new distribution center will cover over 100,000 square meters and plays a key role in VidaXL’s international growth ambitions. The online retailer is already active in 29 countries and wants to grow further. One way the company wants to achieve this, is by welcoming external vendors to its online retail platform. In June last year, the company launched VidaXL Marketplace so it could potentially offer everything the customers are asking for. To make the public more aware of the brand, vidaXL has started its first television commercial in the Netherlands.

About VidaXL

VidaXL was founded in 2006 by Gerjan den Hartog and Wouter Bakker, who started with selling some items in Germany via eBay. The online store started with a focus on products for in and around the house, but it now offers much more, from toys to fitness products and from photography accessories to erotic products. External vendors who want to sell on VidaXL via its marketplace may operate in every niche imaginable.

Image of the distribution center in the Netherlands.


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