Zalando biggest online store in Switzerland in 2022

Zalando biggest online store in Switzerland in 2022

In 2022, Zalando generated a revenue of 1.79 billion euros in Switzerland. It is the biggest online store in the country. Two thirds of the country’s top 30 online stores have either shrunk or stagnated compared to 2021.

These data come from Carpathia, an ecommerce management consultancy. It releases a yearly ranking of the biggest stores active in ecommerce in Switzerland. It created lists of the biggest business-to-consumer stores, as well as business-to-business stores.

Zalando did not grow 22.5%

Zalando has generated an estimate of 1.79 billion euros in sales in Switzerland last year. In 2021, Carpathia estimated that it generated 1.46 billion euros. This would mean that the amount of sales grew 22.5 percent. Now, the consultancy says that estimate was too low and that sales have actually stagnated in 2022.

‘Zalando’s sales in Germany are only three times higher than in Switzerland.’

“What is impressive is that Zalando’s sales in Germany are only three times higher than in this country, with a population ten times larger. The strategic relevance of the Swiss market is huge for the Berlin-based company”, says Carpathia.

Top 10 online business-to-consumer stores

The biggest business-to-consumer online stores in Switzerland in 2022, according to Carpathia, are:

Turnover in 2022 Turnover in 2021
1. Zalando 1.79 billion euros 1.46 billion euros
2. Digitec 1.17 billion euros 1.22 billion euros
3. Galaxus 1.06 billion euros 753.1 million euros
4. Amazon 871 million euros 860.7 million euros
5. Ricardo 845.3 million euros 901.7 million euros
6. Brack 548.1 million euros 532.7 million euros
7. Nespresso 409.8 million euros 445.6 million euros
8. AliExpress 399.6 million euros 384.2 million euros
9. Microspot 357.5 million euros 366.8 million euros
10. Migros 336 million euros 338.1 million euros

Top 10 biggest business-to-business stores

In contrast with the B2C market, all B2B online stores have maintained or grown their revenue between 2021 and 2022. The top 10 B2B online stores in Switzerland in 2022 are:

Store Turnover in 2022 Turnover in 2021
1. Pistor 594.2 million euros 503 million euros
2. Alltron 496.9 million euros 496.9 million euros
3. Elektro-Material 485.6 million euros 448.7 million euros
4. Hogashop 377 million euros 361.6 million euros
5. Sonepar 333 million euros 281.7 million euros
6. Ottofischer 256.1 million euros 246.9 million euros
7. New Integrale 225.4 million euros 215.1 million euros
8. Lyreco 194.7 million euros 185.5 million euros
9. Debrunner Acifer 156.5 million euros 138.3 million euros
10. Meier Tobler 137.3 million euros 126 million euros




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