40% of Swedes don’t want to pay for same-day-delivery

40% of Swedes don’t want to pay for same-day-delivery

Same-day-delivery is an increasingly popular method of delivery for online orders. But such a service costs money, of course. In Sweden, it seems that four in ten consumers don’t want to pay a thing for same-day-delivery.

A recent study, conducted by YouGov, among over 1,000 respondents from Sweden shows this result. But the willingness to pay for getting the goods very fast differs per age group.

41% of younger generation willing to spend €4.87

For example, in the age of 18 to 29, the survey shows that 41 percent is willing to spend 51 Swedish kronor (4.87 euros) to get their package handed to them on the same day the order took place. And 23 percent can even imagine paying something between 4.87 and 9.56 euros for same-day-delivery.

And only 9 percent is willing to pay between 9.65 and 14.34 euros, while one in hundred consumers aged between 18 and 29 would considering paying over 23.89 euros.

Most skeptical are people aged 60+

The most skeptical about same-day-delivery is the age group 60+. Here, as many as 57 percent aren’t prepared to pay anything extra for the service. In the age group of 50-59, not even half of respondents (48 percent) is against this type of delivery. The most positive is the younger generation, where only 21 percent has negative thoughts about same-day-delivery.

How much are you willing to pay extra for same-day-delivery?
(In total, all respondents aged 18-60+ years)

Less than SEK 25 (less than €3.29) 11%
25-50 SEK (€2.39-€4.78) 16%
51-100 SEK (€4.87-€9.56) 12%
SEK 101-150 (€9.65-€14.34) 6%
SEK 151-200 (€14.43-€19.11) 3%
SEK 201-250 (€19.21-€23.89) 2%
More than SEK 250 (more than €23.89) 1%

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