71% of shoppers miss sizing tools

71% of shoppers miss sizing tools

The large amount of returns in ecommerce is a cause of worries for many online sellers. However, 71 percent of consumers say that online sellers don’t offer any sizing tools, which could reduce returns.

This is apparent from recent research published by sizing app MySize about online returns. The company surveyed over 1.000 respondents in the UK, the US, France, Germany and Italy. Respondents ranged in age from 18 to over 65.

‘At least 29% of respondents sometimes return items.’

At least 29 percent of respondents have ‘sometimes’ returned items. Over 14 percent of Italian shoppers, 10 percent of UK shoppers, nearly 10 percent of German shoppers and 8 percent of French shoppers return items ‘often’ or ‘very frequently’.

Sizing issues often cause of returns

According to the research, for many consumers, sizing issues are the reason (50 percent) why they return clothing and footwear that they bought online. Another reason for return is bracketing. At least 33 percent of respondents admitted that they buy items in multiple sizes, colors or styles, to try on at home with the intention of returning most items.

‘33% of respondents practice bracketing when they purchase items online.’

The practice costs retailers millions each year, but it’s viewed as a tool that gives piece-of-mind to consumers who have trouble finding the right size when shopping online. Retailers look for ways to reduce returns, but often get negative results.

Approaching returns

Some brands, such as Fashion Nova, only give store credit for returned items. ASOS requires non-UK customers to pay for the cost of return shipping. This is a policy that online sellers often use.

‘60% of consumers will not buy a product if free shipping isn’t guaranteed.’

However, 60 percent of consumers said that they will decide not to make a purchase if free shipping for returns isn’t guaranteed. Other difficult return policies discourage consumers from ordering online. At least 38 percent of UK respondents said that they felt discouraged, as well as 36 percent of French shoppers and 34 percent of Italians. Women (40 percent) were discouraged more often than men (33 percent).

More certainty that items will fit

On the other hand, at least 46 percent of respondents said that they are more likely to make online purchases for clothing and shoes if they know that it will fit. Offering customers a sizing tool could be a way to give them more certainty. According to the report, at least 71 percent of consumers said that online retailers don’t offer this solution.



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