93% of online stores in Italy offer PayPal

93% of online stores in Italy offer PayPal

Online payment method PayPal is well-known within Europe, but the usage of PayPal in online stores varies between countries. In Italy, 93 percent of online stores offer PayPal as a payment method. On the other end of the spectrum, PayPal is only offered in 1 percent of Serbian online stores.

The US-based payment method PayPal has become a well-known payment option within Europe. Just last year, it was the most popular payment method in Germany and the UK, for example. According to the Statista Global Consumer Survey, it reaches usage rates above 90 percent among online payment service users in the UK, France and Germany.

PayPal compared to other methods

When comparing PayPal to other payment methods, it is highly popular. In only 12 out of the 43 countries analyzed by ecommerceDB, the payment method had single-digit usage rates. AmazonPay, for example, reaches double-digit usage rates in only two of the analyzed countries.

Italian stores take the lead

Recent research by ecommerceDB analyzed the vendor side to find oud where online stores offer PayPal as a payment method. The research took into account the top 100 online stores in 43 different countries. Italian online stores take the lead in PayPal usage, with at least 93 percent of them offering it.

paypal research

In 88 percent of German online stores, PayPal is offered as a payment method. This was followed closely by Spain and Austria where 86 percent of online stores offer PayPal. The country with the lowest percentage of online stores offering PayPal is Serbia, where only 1 percent of the Serbian top 100 stores use PayPal.

‘Most Western European countries rank relatively high.’

The research also looked at countries outside of Europe. Australia scored high as well, with 92 percent of stores using PayPal. According to ecommerceDB most western European countries and the US rank relatively high, while Asian and Eastern European countries tend to be in lower ranks.



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