Ahold Delhaize dominant in Dutch ecommerce

Ahold Delhaize dominant in Dutch ecommerce

Bol holds a significant lead in the Twinkle100, the list of the largest online retailers in the Netherlands. The revenue of Bol, as the company is now simply called, is more than twice as high as that of the runner-up, which shares the same owner.

Behind the leader Bol, listed with a Dutch online revenue of over 4 billion euros last year, Albert Heijn takes the second spot with 1.7 billion euros in revenue. The supermarket chain, like Bol (formerly Bol.com), is owned by Ahold Delhaize. Coolblue secures the third position on the list, followed by Zalando. Amazon follows, with an estimated Dutch annual revenue of 900 million euros in 2022.

No newcomers in the top 10

The top 10 of the Twinkle100 consists of the exact same names as the top 10 from the previous year. Amazon and Zalando have switched positions, as have Jumbo and Picnic, but the other rankings remain unchanged.

The top 10 online stores in the Netherlands now looks as follows:

1 Bol € 4.02 billion
2 Albert Heijn € 1.7 billion
3 Coolblue € 1.55 billion
4 Zalando € 915 million
5 Amazon € 900 million (estimate)
6 Jumbo € 670 million
7 Wehkamp € 663 million
8 Picnic € 610 million
9 Apple € 480 million
10 Ikea € 420 million

Amazon not so dominant

With its fifth position, Amazon plays a relatively modest role in Dutch ecommerce. While it is the clear leader in several larger European countries like Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, it faces a competitor over six times its size in the form of Ahold Delhaize in the Netherlands, at least according to data from the Twinkle trade magazine and the Centre for Market Insights of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Amazon plays a relatively modest role in the Netherlands

A factor to consider is that Amazon only quite recently began targeting the Netherlands with a dedicated web department store, from March 2020.

First decline in revenue

According to the report, revenues of the 300 largest Dutch online stores decreased with an average of 2 percent. Their combined revenue reached 26 billion euros this year. This was the first decrease measured in its sixteen editions.

Revenues of the largest Dutch online stores decreased 2%.

Of the ten highest-ranked companies in the Twinkle100, four (Amazon, Apple, Ikea, and Zalando) are also listed in the top ten of a similar ranking for the German market. EHI and ecommerceDB recently published a list of a total of one thousand online retailers there.

In the past calendar year, the combined revenue of the top thousand online retailers in Germany was lower than the previous year, marking the first decline in 15 years. Especially companies high on the list experienced decreased revenue.



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