Alaiko expands into the United Kingdom

Alaiko expands into the United Kingdom

German fulfillment company for DTC ecommerce brands, Alaiko, is launching in the United Kingdom. With its solution, the company wants to help British brands scale domestically and across Europe. In order to do so, they are partnering with a local state-of-the-art fulfillment center.

Alaiko is a tech-driven fulfillment company that was founded in Munich, in 2020. Since then, it has grown a team of 130 members. More than 200 ecommerce brands are currently using the company’s solution.

With its software, Alaiko caters to direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands across Europe. It uses automation and robotics to enable picking, packing and shipping of orders. Businesses can follow and manage this process on an online platform. Additionally, Alaiko’s platform offers personalized marketing opportunities.

Warehouse near London

Now, the logistics company is expanding into the United Kingdom. It is launching a new warehouse north of London, and will build up a local team. According to the company, British businesses are struggling with importing and exporting, facing customs backlogs and increased shipping costs.

British companies can store their products in Europe to avoid customs bottlenecks with Alaiko.

Because of the expansion, British brands can now scale their businesses domestically, while also using Alaiko’s fulfillment capabilities across Europe. This enables them to have faster delivery times and simplified returns. Additionally, products can be stored in the European Union and shipped directly, which enables faster cross-border shipping to avoid customs bottlenecks.

‘We see huge potential in this market’

“Alaiko’s UK launch is an exciting growth step and we see huge potential in this market for brands looking for a more effective way to deliver for their customers. We are looking forward to facilitating warehouse and logistics for UK and EU customers. We believe that the people scaling an ecommerce brand deserve the best tools at their fingertips to run a business effectively and look after their customers. This is why we created an intuitive, industry leading service; we run the logistics so that businesses can focus on the growth”, explains Moritz Weisbrodt, founder and CEO of Alaiko.



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