Allegro launches in Germany

Allegro launches in Germany

Allegro has opened its doors in Germany. The Polish ecommerce leader made a quite entrance in its neighboring country. The ecommerce service should help Polish sellers with marketing their products in Germany, Europe’s third largest ecommerce country.

Allegro, the leading online auction platform from Poland, launched a German version of its website last week. The main goal of the website now is to promote Polish retailers. The beta version of the marketplace doesn’t allow sales from German companies or individuals. The number of product categories is also significantly lower than in the Polish website, but that’s something that will probably change when the site gets more visitors and customers.

Polish sellers in Germany

For Polish sellers, the German Allegro website could be a great step to get their goods to more European consumers. In Poland, eBay or Amazon don’t play the significant role they do in other countries, so when a Polish company wants to reach international customers, would be a perfect start.


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