Amazon launches EEA program

Amazon launches EEA program

Ecommerce giant Amazon has launched a new offering called the European Expansion Accelerator (EEA). With the new feature, sellers can easily expand to nine Amazon marketplaces across Europe and the United Kingdom.

The online marketplace’s new feature has been requested by partner sellers for years. “EEA is a solution our selling partners were missing for years; to grow and offer millions of new products to Amazon customers in multiple stores. We are pleased to be able to now offer this two-click step to sellers in Europe so that they can expand their businesses with Amazon”, said Xavier Flamand, VP of Seller Services Europe.

Automatically executed

By accessing a page in the Seller Central, merchants get an overview of the marketplaces where they are not yet selling. By selecting a marketplace, they can expand there with one click. The account registration, set-up, translation, listing, shipping setup, product eligibility checks and catalog customizations will be automatically executed in three business days.

´Sellers can expand into all EU marketplaces, or just choose one.´

EEA makes use of existing Amazon tools, like List-Once-Sell Globally and Build International Listings. Because of that, sellers do not need to use these tools themselves anymore. Sellers can expand into all European Amazon marketplaces, or just choose one.

For active sellers on a European marketplace

The feature is free to use and available to merchants who already sell in at least one of the European marketplaces in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Belgium or the UK. While merchants can easily enlarge their sales channels, customers will benefit from millions of new products.



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