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Amazon sells Amazon Dash Button in France

Amazon sells Amazon Dash Button in France

After launching its Dash buttons in the UK, Germany and Austria three months ago, the American company is now releasing its consumer goods-ordering buttons in France. Amazon Premium subscribers in France will be able to order the button that triggers the replenishment of 500 different products.

Amazon introduced the buttons to its customers in September last year in the US. In August, it launched its Amazon Dash buttons in UK, Germany and Austria, making these the first countries outside the US where Amazon sells its buttons. Now it’s time for consumers in France. Since yesterday, Amazon Premium members in France can pre-order the Dash Buttons which will go on sale officially on November 15.

At the moment, there are 43 different buttons that can be ordered for 4.99 euros each. This Wi-Fi connecte device lets customers reorder their product with the press of a button. There are buttons for brands such as Nivea, Le Chat, Air Wick, Pampers, Durex and Bref. Orders won’t go through the user’s smartphone, but are sent directly to Amazon. A small green LED will light up and a notification will show via the app to let the customer know the order is confirmed.

Orders via the Dash buttons will be delivered for free within one business day and there’s no minimum amount. To avoid multiple orders by different household members, the button will be disabled until the customer receives the item.

Amazon also launches Dash Replenishment Service in France

Together with the buttons, Amazon also launched its Dash Replenishment Service in France. This gives manufacturers the possibility to integrate automatic replenishment functions into their products. For example, a washing machine that’s connected to the customer’s home Wi-Fi can measure when the laundry detergent is almost out of stock and then order some more automatically.

Amazon Dash button in France


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