Amazon to launch in Belgium

Amazon to launch in Belgium

Ecommerce giant Amazon is launching in Belgium, with Amazon Belgium. The marketplace is said to launch in September. Earlier this year, the company announced plans of opening a logistics center in the country.

Amazon Belgium

Today, leaked documents show that Amazon has plans to expand into 5 new countries all over the world. One of those plans is the launch of Amazon Belgium. According to the documents, the online marketplace will launch by September.

‘Amazon Belgium is set to launch by September.’

Belgian retailers will also be able to use the ecommerce giant’s fulfillment service, Fulfilment by Amazon. Additionally, Amazon Prime membership will be available at launch. Consumers who currently have Prime through Amazon’s other European sites can continue their membership with Amazon Belgium.

Presence in Belgium

While the new dedicated marketplace is a surprise, Amazon had already announced plans to become present within Belgium. In February, it announced that its first Belgian logistics center would open by the end of this year.

‘Amazon is building a logistics center in Antwerp.’

The logistics center is located in Antwerp. It was planned to be used as a sorting center for parcels from France and Germany, where Amazon is also active, before shipping them to Belgian consumers.

Network of parcel couriers

Even before building the logistics center, the company had already started working on expanding its network of parcel couriers within the country. According to Amazon, it needed to work with multiple couriers in order to fulfil customer demands.

So far, the company worked with local parcel couriers. But with the launch of its own marketplace and FBA in Belgium, it seems that the company will be using its own shipping network.



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