Amazon Turkey has launched

Amazon Turkey has launched

Amazon has launched Amazon Turkey today. The dedicated local marketplace offers products from 15 different categories to Turkish customers. Consumers in Turkey could already order at Amazon, but that happened via a translated version of the German Amazon. Now, they have their own dedicated Amazon website with Amazon Turkey.

Update September 2020: Amazon Prime has launched in Turkey.

The team of Amazon Turkey (Amazon Türkiye’de) has written a statement on the homepage of, saying how they are proud to announce that Amazon Turkey has opened. “We are very excited to offer you millions of products from 15 different categories, including books, household items and consumer electronics, with competitive prices, reliable delivery and high quality customer service.”

Amazon Turkey has just begun

The statement goes on, saying the team is just at the beginning of the Amazon journey in Turkey. “We know that we need to work hard to meet the high expectations of our customers. We have just begun. Over the coming months and years, we will work harder to add new categories to our store and to expand our range every day. We will also implement new services in order to increase your satisfaction and we will make sure your products are delivered more easily and faster.”

Amazon Turkey with own warehouse and office

Back in April, we’ve covered the news that Amazon would soon launch Amazon Turkey. It was made clear that Amazon would not only have its own localized website in Turkey, but that it also would have its own warehouse and office.

Amazon Türkiye'de (Amazon Turkey) launched.
Amazon Türkiye’de (Amazon Turkey) launched.
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