Amazon will launch grocery service in France

Amazon will launch grocery service in France

Amazon has confirmed it has plans to launch an online grocery service in France. Since the launch of Amazon Fresh in the US in 2016, the American company is focusing more and more on selling food online.

It was Frédéric Duval, managing director of Amazon France, who confirmed the ambition to launch an Amazon grocery service in France. He revealed the plans during an interview with La Journal Du Dimanche, although he didn’t say when exactly Amazon would launch Amazon Fresh, or a similar service, in France.

Amazon focuses more and more on food

Duval says food has become a strong development axis for Amazon, since its launched Amazon Fresh in the US in September 2016. And of course, the acquisition of Whole Foods in August last year is another step in that ambition. “We would of course want to launch this service in France, but everything in its own time. A launch represents an investment”, Duval explained.

Before Amazon really launches its grocery delivery service in France, shoppers in this European country can already make use of subscription plans for everyday products, such as batteries, toothpaste or razors, and make use of Amazon’s Prime service. Since 2016, Amazon also runs its express delivery service Amazon Prime Now in France, although it’s currently only available in Paris.

Last month, Amazon announced it would create 2,000 jobs in France.

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