Austria: Top 10 still make up half of top 250’s sales

Austria: Top 10 still make up half of top 250’s sales

The top 10 of Austria’s 250 biggest online stores had a successful year in 2020. Together, the top 10 made up almost half of the top 250’s total online sales. Though there are new online retailers in the top 10, remains undefeated.

Previous research showed that the top 10 online shops in Austria accounted for almost half (49.7 percent) of the top 250’s online sales in 2019. Within that year, the top 250 of online retailers in Austria saw their total turnover grow from 3.17 billion to 3.60 billion euros.

Around €5 billion in sales

New data published by ecommerceDB shows that a year later, in 2020, the top 250 online stores in Austria generated a turnover that amounted to around 5 billion euros (4.90 billion euros to be exact). This is a year-on-year growth of around 35 percent.

‘The top 250’s turnover had a 35 percent year-on-year growth.’

With 2.3 billion euros in net sales, the top 10 online stores produced almost half (47.2 percent) of the total net sales generated by the top 250 again. Dr. Anton Salesny from the Institute for Retailing & Data Science at Vienna University of Economics and Business says: “the data over the past few years shows significant growth of the top players and, associated with this, a strong market concentration of these in the e-commerce market.” undefeated leader in Austrian market

The leader of the top 10 biggest online stores is still, which generated a total net sales of 1.1 billion euros. “’s incomparable success in Austria has to do with pricing. Compared to Germany, product prices are generally higher in Austria. As offers ‘German’ prices, it has an advantage over competitors”, says Salesny.

‘ has an advantage over competitors because of its pricing.’

The ecommerce giant is followed by with 328.7 million euros in net sales. is in third place with 144.3 million euros in net sales. In 2019, it made 71.9 million euros. THis shows that the retailer is growing fast in Austria.

Current top 10 online stores in Austria

This is the current top 10 of ecommerce websites in Austria: 1.13 billion euros
Zalando 328.7 million euros
MediaMarkt 144.3 million euros
Universal 136.5 million euros
Otto 120.6 million euros
H&M 105.6 million euros
Shop Apotheke 101.8 million euros
Apple 98.7 million euros
XXXLutz 92.8 million euros
Electronic4you 74.5 million euros


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