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Bax Music wants an online store in every European country by 2021

The Dutch music store Bax Music is still growing and is looking to expand further across Europe. The company is already active in eight European countries, but its founders say they want to launch an online store of Bax Music in all European countries by 2021.


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Nathanaël and Jochanan Bax founded Bax Music in 2003 and their company grew hard since then. Last year, the company generated sales worth 110 million euros, with profits amounting to about 3 percent. Bax Music has dedicated online stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Sweden but is looking to expand even further in Europe.

Expanding with physical stores as well

In an interview with Dutch magazine De Ondernemer co-founder Jochanan says: “We want to realize an online store in every European country within the next five years, while also expanding with physical stores.” He emphasizes they don’t have a specific end goal, they just want to focus on developing a larger market. “But at the right moment, when we have the time and the money.”

In the interview, Jochanan also reveals Bax Music attracts more customers, more sales and more staff every year. “We send over 830,000 parcels per year and each month we have about 2 million people visiting our websites.” The music store has 450 employees at the moment and expects to reach sales of 115 million euros at the end of this year. That’s not bad for a company that once started in a room of 40 square meters above another shop. The retailer now has a warehouse that’s 16,500 square meters big and contains over 30,000 products.

About Bax Music

Bax Music, previously known as Bax-shop, was founded by two brothers, Nathanael and Jochanan Bax. It sells all kinds of music products, such as cables, speakers and music instruments. Bax Music has physical stores in Goes, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp and has online stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Sweden.