Berlin Brands Group raises €590 million, becomes unicorn

Berlin Brands Group raises €590 million, becomes unicorn

Berlin Brands Group has secured 700 million dollars (590 million euros) of additional debt and equity financing. The millions of euros were raised for the acquisition of ecommerce brands and the development of an international logistics network.

Berlin Brands Group, or BBG, is one of many Amazon seller acquisition companies in Europe, but it’s probably the biggest. By bringing on board Bain Capital, which acquired a minority stake from Ardian, BBG has become the latest unicorn in Europe. The majority of the shares are still held by CEO and founder Peter Chaljawski and the executive team.

BBG’s capacity for acquiring brands is the largest in Europe.

The financing follows after a 200 million euros funding round to acquired ecommerce brands, particularly in the US and the United Kingdom, earlier this year. The company’s capacity for acquiring and scaling ecommerce brands is now the largest in Europe and among the largest worldwide.

BBG will not only use the money to acquire marketplace vendors, but also to expand its supply chain and logistics infrastructure and to further develop its own tech platform.

‘Building a global house of brands’

“With Bain Capital’s commitment and the additional funding secured, we have set our next milestone on our path to building a global house of brands,” said Peter Chaljawski, CEO of BBG. “This allows us to tackle strategic goals of acquiring and developing brands globally, as well as the operational and logistical expansion.”

BBG is a disruptive leader in the rapidly changing consumer goods space.

Miray Topay, Managing Director at Bain Capital Private Equity, calls the German company a disruptive leader in the consumer goods space that is rapidly changing. “Their ability to develop and scale brands that meet current consumer trends through their highly efficient ecommerce platform gives the company tremendous growth potential in a fast-growing market.”

Access to 1.5 billion customers

BBG says it has access to 1.5 billion active ecommerce customers in Europe, the US and parts of Asia. Its platform serves over 100 channels in 28 different countries.

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