BigCommerce enters Germany and Spain

BigCommerce enters Germany and Spain

BigCommerce has announced that it will expand its presence into Germany, Spain and Mexico. The news follows the company’s launch into France, Italy and the Netherlands six months ago. Retailers in these locations will now be able to integrate locally preferred payment methods in their online store.

BigCommerce is expanding its ecommerce software into three more countries. According to the company, local merchants will be able to build and scale their B2C and B2B businesses internationally.

BigCommerce is investing in expansion

In 2020, the company launched multi-currency features that made it easier for online stores to sell cross-border to shoppers across Europe and beyond. Since then, BigCommerce has been heavily investing in its expansion.

‘Ecommerce sales are expected to reach €5.7 billion by 2024.’

In 2021, BigCommerce powered over 60.000 merchants across 150 countries. According to the platform, global ecommerce sales are expected to reach 5.7 billion euros by 2024. The new expansion is expected to generate even more customers for BigCommerce.

‘Robust and flexible platform’

After a launch into several European countries six months ago, the company now offers a free trial in the hopes of local retailers in Germany, Spain and Mexico joining the platform. “A robust and flexible ecommerce platform that can grow in parallel with business needs is critical for merchants to gain solid footing in today’s increasingly digital world. This is the competitive advantage BigCommerce offers to retailers in our newest regions”, said Meghan Stabler, Vice President of International Marketing, BigCommerce.

‘Our solution positions businesses to innovate in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.’

“Coupled with local support and translated resources to establish their brand, connect with customers and build trust, our solution primes businesses to enrich the online customer shopping experience and positions them to innovate in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.”



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