Bol still dominant seller on its own platform

Bol still dominant seller on its own platform

Based on turnover, many of the 30 biggest brands sold on Dutch marketplace Bol are brands that sell products in consumer electronics and domestic appliances. However, when looking at the amount of sales brands in toys and personal hygiene dominate the top-30. At the same time, brands that are sold by Bol itself have 64 percent share of the total turnover.

These data come from MarktMentor, a Dutch ecommerce data platform where sellers can optimize their sales on online marketplace Bol. In this research, the turnover of the 10,000 biggest brands on Bol was analyzed. This means that data of over two million products was analyzed between January 1st and August 31st this year.

Brands sold by Bol have 64% share

Bol is a well-known Dutch online marketplace, which has opened up its platform to partner sellers. In the first quarter of this year, partner sellers made up 65 percent of the company’s trading volume. Bol also has its own product offer on the platform.

22.4% of the 10,000 biggest brands are sold by Bol itself.

According to the analysis, 22.4 percent of the 10,000 biggest brands are sold by Bol itself, as well as by partner sellers. Interestingly, these brands hold a 64 percent share of the platform’s total turnover. While Bol has a growing amount of partner sellers on the platform, these data illustrate that it still holds a dominant position.

Brand categories sold by Bol and partners

Brands in the categories computer, household and electronics are most often sold by Bol and partner sellers, respectively 85, 79 and 77 percent. Together with the brands in the categories toys, beauty, baby, personal hygiene, bikes, food, camping, DIY, children’s clothing and men’s clothing, these brands generate more than half of the turnover generated by Bol and partner sellers.

Brands sold by multiple sellers are often brands in the categories Animal and Garden.

When there are multiple partner sellers selling the same brand, they are often selling brands in the categories Animal and Garden. And when brands are offered by only one seller on the platform, these are most often brands in the categories Living and Erotica.

Samsung and Apple dominate in terms of turnover

When looking at brands sold by Bol and partners, Samsung and Apple are the top two based on their turnover. Philips follows in third position. They are followed by Lego, HP, Sony, Bosch, Pampers, Inventum and Nintendo. In the top-30 biggest brands, only LifeGoods is not sold by Bol itself as well (but only sold by one partner seller, the brand itself).

LEGO sold most often

When looking at the amount of sales, however, the top-30 changes. LEGO is sold most often, and it is followed by Philips, Samsung, Pampers, Oral B and Apple. Many of the brands generating high turnover in electronics are replaced with brands in the categories of toys and personal hygiene. This suggests that the large market shares in terms of turnover are caused by higher product prices.



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