MonkeyData helps ecommerce players with data analysis


Ecommerce companies can really make a difference nowadays if they use their data efficiently. But there’s data everywhere and it takes some time and effort to analyze all this. A European startup that tries to solve this problem, is MonkeyData. This Czech SaaS company analyses data from various sources and shows the results in one place in an organized dashboard. We interviewed them about data, ecommerce software and the differences between some European countries. Continue reading

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Gartner: ‘Intershop among the top in retail software’


What’s the best software for retail businesses? IT research company Gartner tried to answer this question and came with an extensive report. It ranked ecommerce software provider Intershop third, behind the two retail software giants IBM and SAP. The German company is active for many years, but now it really seems on the rise, especially in mature ecommerce markets such as the Netherlands, Sweden and its home market Germany. Continue reading

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CEO “Our business model is like Alibaba’s”

Dutch online retailer, the biggest online retailer in the Netherlands, is moving from being a traditional ecommerce player into a selling platform and fulfilment partner for third-party retailers. In an interview with Belgian newspaper De Tijd, managing director Daniël Ropers compared with Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba. “We are building a network of expertise, retailers, services and products.” Continue reading

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Ebusiness agency Divante to enter the Dutch market


Divante, an e-business agency that supports other companies in optimizing their online sales, will enter the Dutch market. It already built an ecommerce site for Dutch company and is now working on a whole new website for a Dutch online retailer. We interviewed Tom Karwatka, CEO of Divante, and discovered how they think about Dutch ecommerce… Continue reading

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Swedish fashion retailer Chiquelle is ready to conquer Europe

Chiquelle is one of the fastest-growing online fashion retailers in Sweden, but its home country isn’t the only market Chiquelle has its focus on. It has marketing and sales activities in more than 20 countries across the world. We interviewed the CEO and owner of this ambitious and quite rebellious online fashion retailer. Continue reading

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