Claspo integrates with Shopify

Claspo integrates with Shopify

Ukrainian website widget platform Claspo has integrated with Shopify, bringing performing widgets to the platform. Merchants can now boost their marketing efforts by downloading the app from the ecommerce software’s app store. According to Claspo, installing their widgets can increase conversion up to two times.

Access to vast template library

Claspo is based in Ukraine and was founded in 2021. It is a smart website widget platform, that allows users to build pop-ups for their website. Users do not need to have any coding or design skills, but instead can use a drag-and-drop editor and more than 700 templates.

Widgets can be set up in a way that prevents overlapping, to avoid annoyance.

Sellers can use the widget to boost their conversion, by building pop-ups that allow visitors to sign up for newsletters or special discounts, for example. This can increase customer retention. Widgets come with pre-set display rules, which prevents them from overlapping or appearing simultaneously. This prevents shoppers’ annoyance.

Especially important for European customers, is that if a store sells internationally, Claspo offers dynamic multilingual widgets. This means that the widget automatically adjusts to the language of the visitor’s browser or the selected language on the website.

Integration with software systems

According to the company, it already has more than 500 clients in diverse industries, such as ecommerce, logistics, manufacturing and more. The integration with Shopify will likely increase the amount of clients. The app is now available in the Shopify App Store in all European countries, except for Russia and the Ukrainian territories that are now occupied by Russia.

‘Widgets can be aligned with your overall marketing strategy.’

In addition to the integration with the ecommerce software, Claspo can be subsequently integrated with other software systems. “This enables widgets to align with your overall marketing strategy, centralize data transmission and storage, and deliver customers a cohesive, personalized omnichannel experience”, said the company.

“Claspo simplifies the Shopify retailers’ task at every stage. Setting up widgets is streamlined through preset UX-focused display rules, and managing them is hassle-free with default overlapping protection”, said Nikita Korchevskyi, founder and CEO of Claspo.



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