DHL acquires Monta

DHL acquires Monta

DHL Supply Chain has acquired a majority stake in Monta, a Dutch fulfillment provider. The deal gives Monta a chance to accelerate its international expansion. On the other hand, it enables DHL to better respond to the needs of SMEs and smaller online stores.

Logistics company DHL has announced today that it is acquiring a majority stake in Monta, a specialist that operates in ecommerce in the Netherlands. When it launched in 1999, Monta was originally a fulfillment company. It generated a revenue of 100 million euros in 2021.

Further international expansion Monta

At that time, it had 1,000 employees and 14 locations. In total, it processed 12 million orders in 2021. The company currently supports around 1,500 small and middle-sized online stores, with fulfillment services based on software. It also offers warehouse management software.

‘This deal accelerates our international expansion.’

“We want to roll out our successful business model outside the Netherlands so that our customers can also expand internationally”, says Edwin van der Ham, owner and CEO of Monta. “Monta has recently taken its first steps across the border, which has already resulted in international growth for several customers. The current transaction will further accelerate this development”.

Combined expertise

The acquisition allows the companies to combine their activities and expertise. In their own words, customers will benefit from Monta’s entrepreneurial spirit and DHL’s international knowledge, infrastructure and network. “We will maintain and further develop Monta’s currently valued capabilities, expertise and culture so that we can offer good customer-centric solutions in the fast-growing ecommerce segment”, said Oscar de Bok, CEO of DHL Supply Chain.



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