DHL is testing shipping without labels

DHL is testing shipping without labels

In several regions in Germany, parcel courier DHL is testing parcel shipping without printed labels. Instead, customers in these regions can put a handwritten package ID on the box.

The German logistics company has sent an email to customers about the pilot. It is called ‘Taken without a printer’. It is unclear in which regions the pilot is taking place, but eligible customers will receive an email about the opportunity to participate.

Buying an ID online

Customers can buy a package ID online through DHL Online Franking. The PAK-ID then needs to be written on the parcel. If it is a returning package, customers need to buy a RET-ID and write that on top of the package. The service is not available for unpackaged returns.

‘The delivery person prints out a shipping label based on the package ID.’

With this pilot, DHL seems to want to make shipping more convenient for customers. After picking up the parcel, the delivery person will print out a shipping label based on the ID. The package will then be taken for further shipping.

Storage at home

The packages do not need to be dropped off at DHL drop-off points. Customers can leave the parcel on an agreed-upon location at their own property, like in their garden. It must be freely accessible and not visible to third parties. However, the delivery person must be able to find the spot.

This means that the service does not work for face-to-face pick-ups. If customers wish to hand over the package in person, they can use a mobile package stamp (or QR code), to save themselves of having to print a label. This service has been available for a longer time.



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