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DPD France launches new services

DPD France launches new services

DPD France has launched two new services. Mister Pasha, a premium service for after-hours package delivery, and Pickup Drive, which is said to be the first network for parcel pick-up and drop-off by car in less than three minutes.

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DPD France announced the two new services earlier this month and introduced them during E-commerce Paris. “Now more than ever, online retailers are in need of a comprehensive service and reliable service provider for smooth delivery of their orders, while 81% of French people all too often experience this delivery as a headache”, Gildas du Retail, innovation manager at DPD France, said.

Mister Pasha launched in France

With Mister Pasha, customers get a premium service of evening and weekend delivery, as well as a concierge service. The service applies to both single parcel and multiple-parcel shipments. With Mister Pasha, customers can have products delivered to them between 6 pm and midnight, and on Saturday morning between 9 am and 2 pm within an hourly window. The concierge service gives customers the option to have their packages stored for up to 30 days and to receive up to 10 parcels from multiple orders in a single delivery.

DPD France’s Pickup Drive

Pickup Drive is based on the same concept as the drive-thru services that are already used by supermarket customers. It lets consumers drop off and pick up their parcels without leaving their car. The first Pickup Drives have been installed at DPD France’s depots in Fresnes, Trappes and Rodez. The depot in Rennes will follow in October.


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