Dutch 10XCrew acquires marketplace agency Vorwärts

Dutch 10XCrew acquires marketplace agency Vorwärts

Online marketing agency 10XCrew from the Netherlands has acquired Vorwärts, a German Amazon agency. Both companies are specialized in direct-to-consumer strategies and online marketplaces like Amazon and Bol.com.

The acquisition of Vorwärts, which took place on January first, shows the international ambition of 10XCrew. As a marketplace agency, Vorwärts supports brands in their sales and growth on online platforms. This aligns with the methods and ambitions of its new owner.

‘Local presence is crucial’

“We have a clear vision and strategy to support our partners in building and expanding their Direct2Consumer-approach; in the Netherlands and abroad”, 10XCrew’s CEO Toon Hendrikx comments. “We are expanding our reach to more countries and marketplaces. As a consequence, a local presence is crucial. That is why the acquisition of the German Vörwarts was an obvious next step for us.”

We are expanding to more countries and online marketplaces across Europe.

10XCrew, founded in 2016 and based in Eindhoven, is an online marketing agency that is, just like Vorwärts, specialized in direct-to-consumer strategies and marketplaces like Bol.com and Amazon. The Dutch company provides its services to manufacturers and brands all over Europe, China and the United States. Customers include AGU, Body & Fit, Signify, and Sound United.

Cross-marketplace support

Andre Aslund, former CEO and shareholder of Vorwärts, is also thrilled about the acquisition. “It was important for me to put our agency’s clients in professional hands so we could fully focus on developing our Amazon advertising automation called VAPA. From the first day, 10XCrew convinced me with their data-driven approach, their automated reporting and the holistic client support, which includes logistics, content optimization, advertising, and consulting.”

He thinks the fact that 10Xcrew offers cross-marketplace support will benefit the customers of Vorwärts, which was focused on Amazon.

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