Dutch online turnover decreased 7.6% in 2022

Dutch online turnover decreased 7.6% in 2022

Online revenue in the Netherlands has decreased 7.6 percent in 2022 when compared to a year earlier. Pure online stores generated revenues of 5.8 percent lower. Multichannel sellers saw their turnover decrease by 9.6 percent.

Online sales in the Netherlands showed a downward trend throughout the year. That is apparent from new data from Statistics Netherlands. Earlier research showed that online sales grew 24 percent in 2021. The difference between these two years is related to COVID-19 measurements.

Lockdowns and inflation

Over the entire year, online sales in the country fell by 7.6 percent. The major differences can be explained, among other things, by the corona-related lockdowns in 2021. At that time, many physical stores were closed and consumers had to find their products online. Inflation has reached a record high in 2022, which makes consumers more reluctant to make online purchases.

Inflation has reached a record high in 2022 in the Netherlands.

Turnover omnichannel 15% lower

In December, the Dutch total retail turnover was 11 percent higher than a year earlier. On the other hand, turnover from online stores declined by 11.1 percent. Pure online stores raked in 7.7 percent less that month. And omnichannel sellers had a revenue decrease of no less than 15.2 percent.

Online turnover decreased 11.1% in December.

Non-food and electronics were hit hardest

Online stores in the non-food and electronics categories in particular had a hard time. Electronics retailers saw their turnover decrease by 17 percent. Non-food online stores generated a turnover of 18 percent lower.



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