eBay sees private sales growth and opportunities in Germany

eBay sees private sales growth and opportunities in Germany

eBay has witnessed a significant increase in trade between German consumers on its platform. The number of sellers has grown by double-digit percentages, partly due to the elimination of selling costs. The company sees room for further growth.

Since March 1st of last year, private sales on eBay.de have been essentially free. This has led to an increase in consumer-to-consumer (C2C) trade on the platform. The company says to have welcomed twice as many new sellers as before. It has also managed to reactive inactive sellers.

More sellers, more products

The C2C trade of ‘several hundred million euros’ exceeded eBay’s own expectations. Growth occurred in almost all categories, especially in electronics and collectibles. The offering of private items on eBay has increased by 20 percent in a year. More and more Germans are now using the platform both to buy and sell. This group spends more than double the amount of eBay users who only buy, as revenue from private trade is partly used for purchases on eBay Germany.

‘Private sales have strengthened our company’

Oliver Klinck, responsible for marketplace activities in Germany, is pleased with eBay’s investments in private sales: “They have significantly strengthened our company and provided the necessary impetus for our growth in an overall shrinking ecommerce market.”

C2C platforms popularity

The use of C2C platforms has become very common for online shoppers in Europe, according to Geopost’s E-shopper Barometer 2023. Within Germany, 73 percent of regular shoppers bought or sold on secondhand platforms.

73% of German regular shoppers buy on C2C platforms.

eBay, which caters to the local trade trend with eBay Lokal, still sees plenty of room in the German C2C market, especially on the supply side: the company points out, referring to Eurostat figures, that only 17 percent of German consumers offer products online, compared to 41 percent in the Netherlands and Norway.

Untapped potential

Klinck describes the untapped market potential in Germany as enormous: “With further initiatives, we can create opportunities for more people to sell online privately. This includes eBay Lokal, which also supports neighborhood trade in private sales.”



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