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Ecommerce in France grew 13% to €35 billion in first half 2016

Ecommerce in France grew 13% to €35 billion in first half 2016

Ecommerce in France has increased by 15 percent during the first quarter of this year and increased by 13 percent during the first six months. During this period, online retailers in France generated sales worth 35 billion euros.

The French ecommerce association Fevad shared these statistics today during E-commerce Paris 2016, while explaining that the growth of ecommerce in France during the first half was driven by a growing number of transactions on smartphones and the rise of online marketplaces. Sales generated on web-based marketplaces rose 16 percent during the second quarter, while mobile sales increased by 38 percent. “If the market continues on this trend of strong growth, the annual ecommerce turnover will pass the 70 billion euros mark”, Marc Lolivier, managing director of Fevad, said.

During the second quarter, there were 230 million online transactions registered, which is a 21 percent increase compared to the same period last year. The average amount per transaction decreased (again) by percent and is now at 75 euros. “This decrease is offset by the increase of the frequency of purchase and a slight increase in the number of online shoppers”, Lolivier explained. An online shopper purchased on average eight times this quarter.

200,000 ecommerce websites at end of Q3

At the end of June there were 189,240 ecommerce websites in France, an increase of 13 percent compared to June last year. The number will probably exceed 200,000 during the third quarter.


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