Ecommerce in France worth €147 billion in 2022

Ecommerce in France worth €147 billion in 2022

Last year, French ecommerce generated 146.9 billion euros in online sales of products and services. This is a growth of 13.8 percent when compared to 2021. The growth is mostly caused by the online service sector sales, as products sales fell 7 percent.

Ecommerce in France is not slowing down, as shown by a 13.8 percent increase in online sales in 2022. These data come from French national ecommerce association Fevad. It is a member of Ecommerce Europe, a European ecommerce association representing 150,000 companies in the continent.

36% growth in service sectors

The sales growth is largely due to a growth in transport, tourism and leisure sectors. Their sales grew 36 percent in 2022, when compared to a year earlier. When compared to 2019, the online sales of these services grew 50 percent.

Online product sales decreased by 7% compared to 2021.

In comparison, online product sales decreased 7 percent compared to 2021. When compared to 2019, however, they still showed an increase of 33 percent. The decrease is related to the post-Covid effect, as consumers could return to brick-and-mortar stores again.

Online product sales dropped 16% in H1 2022

In the first half of 2022, online product sales dropped 16 percent, before stabilizing in the second half of the year. The fashion and furniture/home decor sectors showed the strongest growth in sales when compared to 2019 (29 and 19 percent, respectively). The online sales of consumer goods have increased 1 percent compared to 2021, due to European inflation.

2.3 billion online transactions completed

In total, 2.3 billion online transactions were completed in France in 2022. This is an increase of 6.5 percent when compared to a year earlier. The average order value increased by 6.9 percent and reached 65 euros. The increase was caused by inflation, as well as the increase in sales in the service sector, where prices are higher.

Online sales of products constituted 12.5% of retail activity in France.

According to the data, the online sales of products constituted 12.5 percent of all retail activity in France last year. Additionally, over 10,000 new online stores launched during that year. This is a growth of 5 percent.



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