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Ecommerce in Switzerland was worth €7.4 billion in 2017

Ecommerce in Switzerland was worth €7.4 billion in 2017

Ecommerce in Switzerland has increased by 10 percent in 2017. The online turnover generated in Switzerland with B2C and C2C sales of products, so no services included, was worth 8.6 billion Swiss francs, which corresponds to 7.4 billion euros.

This is shown by new data from the Verband des Schweizerischen Versandhandels (VSV). Last year, Swiss consumers ordered goods worth 5.41 directly from domestic online shops, while about 1.4 billion euros in ecommerce turnover came from foreign online stores that deliver to customers in Switzerland. And orders with a total estimated value of about 650 million euros came from auction websites and marketplaces.

Development of ecommerce in Switzerland.
Development of ecommerce in Switzerland.

Swiss consumers increasingly shop abroad

The data from VSV also show that since 2011, online purchases from abroad have tripled. And a quick look at the top five of Swiss ecommerce companies confirms the picture, which includes names such as Amazon and Zalando. In 2016, the total value of online purchases Swiss consumers made abroad was worth 1.22 billion euros, an increase of 18 percent compared to the year before.

Also, Amazon is expected to launch in Switzerland in the coming months, with the intention to deliver within 24 to 48 hours.

Popular product categories in Switzerland

The most popular product categories, in terms of generated revenue, were multimedia, hiFi & electric appliances (€1.74 billion), fashion & shoes (€1.44 billion), food (€788 million), living (€433 million) and media (€208 million).