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European logistics investments: €39 billion in 2020

European logistics investments: €39 billion in 2020

Logistics investments in Europe went up to 38.64 billion euros in 2020. This is, of course, driven by the massive growth of ecommerce in Europe. Last year marks the highest figure on record since 2013.


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The coronavirus measures across Europe have led to a boost in online shopping. And this has led to a record up-take of warehouses in the region.

Research data, analyzed and published by Comprar Acciones, shows that last year 38.64 billion euros was spent on investments in ecommerce logistics. Leasing activity in Europe increased by 69 percent last year, covering agreements over a total of 1 million square meters. Among those who signed leases in 2020 were Amazon, DHL, SF Express and XPO Logistics.

Leasing activity in Europe increased by 69 percent.

Warehouse vacancy rate: 5%

The data also shows that by the end of last year, the warehouse vacancy rate in Europe decreased to a record-low of 5 percent. Major ecommerce companies such as Alibaba and Amazon, but also many third-party logistic service providers were among the companies that drove up demand for warehouse storage and ecommerce fulfillment centers in Europe.