Fulfillment center Europe

As ecommerce is growing within Europe, so is ecommerce fulfillment. If you’re looking for a good fulfillment partner for your online store, it is useful to find one with a fulfillment center in Europe.

If your online store growss cross border, you will discover that each country has its own logistic limitations. Ecommerce fulfillment in Europe is quite difficult to master if the number of countries you deliver in expands. Luckily, there are some companies that can help you. Three solutions if you are looking for a fulfillment center that can do the storage and shipping in Europe.

Looking to outsource your fulfillment and to offer next day delivery in Europe? Active Ants, Huboo.com and SaleSupply.com are fulfillment partners with multiple European warehouse locations.


SalesupplyWith a network of more than 20 logistics and call center locations in Europe, the USA and Asia, Salesupply serves more than 500 online businesses. Their fulfillment solution enables national and international storage, handling and delivery of your products.

It works with fulfillment centers and warehouses in the US, China, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Italy, UK, Spain and Poland. Because of their many locations, selling and shipping internationally becomes a lot easier with their fulfillment service.

Salesupply offers customer support in 15 languages.

Salesupply has plug-ins for various systems, such as Demandware/Salesforce, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Navision, SAP, and Descartes. These plug-ins provide easy integration of all process and make sure that you can monitor all steps, from inventory and fulfillment activity to shipping status.

In addition to their fulfillment center, storage and logistics solutions, as of 2016 Salesupply can also take over your customer service. They offer multi-channel customer support in fifteen languages, in business hours as well as evenings or weekends. You also have the option to keep handling your customer service yourself, and only outsource your overflow.

Active Ants

Active AntsThis Dutch supplier provides e-fulfillment to online stores. Active Ants has two fulfillment centers in the Netherlands, which each consists of 80.000 storage bins. Robots drive over the bins and pick out orders. This reduces the chance of errors and prevents theft.

After the order-picking process, each basket is weighted. If the weight corresponds with the expected weight, then a picture is taken of the products in the basket. The picture is sent out to customers and many customers enjoy this extra reminder.

Active Ants has a dashboard in which clients get insights into their bestsellers and their worst-selling products It also shows which items are returned and why. The data is synchronized in real-time and makes sure that the client can optimize their marketing.

The data is synchronized in real-time.

The company is part of Bpost, the Belgian postal service. Bpost is an internationally oriented company that operates in ten different countries. Active Ants is able to use its international fulfillment network and last-mile delivery companies.

Thanks to their contracts with bpost and DHL, Active Ants is able to offer next day delivery in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. It also ships to the rest of Europe and the rest of the world. These shipments will be handled by several shippers, depending on the price of the order. More expensive products will, for example, be sent with premium shippers such as UPS and FedEx, which guarantee a track and trace code for customers.


AmazonIf you’re selling your products on Amazon, you can also look into their service: Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). Any seller can apply, there’s no minimum order amount that you need to sell to start using a fulfillment center of Amazon.

Amazon will continually check on your sales, so that it can up- or downscale your storage, meaning you won’t be paying for space in a fulfillment center that you’re not using. You can send any type of product to the Amazon fulfillment center. The company will handle your order-picking, packaging and sending of products. It also handles returns and customer service.

It’s possible to use FBA for multi-channel fulfillment.

It’s also possible to use FBA for multi-channel fulfillment. This means that you can sell part of the products you store in the Amazon warehouse on other marketplaces or channels. You’re allowed to sell half of the inventory through your own website.

fulfillment center in EuropeBecause of their huge networks, sending internationally will become a lot easier. Scaling up your business can be done quickly. Amazon has many fulfillment centers. If you’re planning on selling to several countries across Europe, you can send your products to a fulfillment center in the country of your choice and Amazon will distribute them through all of Europe.