Finland’s eBrands enters Amazon seller acquisition market

Finland’s eBrands enters Amazon seller acquisition market

Amazon seller acquisition companies are everywhere. And now there’s also one in Finland: eBrands. This company even says it’s the only Amazon FBA brand aggregator based in the Nordics. eBrands acquires brands in both Europe and the US.

One of the unique selling points of eBrands is that it will only work with sustainable brands and that it won’t contribute to single-use plastics.

eBrands only works with sustainable brands.

eBrands is focused on Amazon brands

The company was founded in Finland in 2021 and its business model is aimed at acquiring, operating and scaling small and medium-sized brands that sell on Amazon. eBrands is strictly focused on brands that generate more than 90 percent of their sales through Amazon in Europe and beyond.

Since its recent founding, eBrands has already acquired several brands from international markets and started operating them. The company will continue to purchase new brands to its portfolio and is currently identifying further potential sellers.

Competitors with similar business models

“There are some competitors already operating with similar business models around the world – the largest which has gained over a billion-dollar valuation in just a few years – but eBrands is the first one operating from the Nordics”, the Finnish company explains. It refers to companies such as Berlin Brands Group, Razor, Branded Group, Heroes, and Thrasio.

eBrands is founded by angel investor Robin Bade and entrepreneur Jonne Välilä, who has been building brands in Amazon since 2017 and saw his first own brand sell over 1 million pens through the ecommerce marketplace. eBrands received funding from its founders, private angel investors, and from Finnish venture capitalist

‘A more entrepreneurial approach’

“Even though the business model is based on financing the purchase of the brands, we are really taking a more entrepreneurial approach in the way we manage and scale these brands. We are not bankers, but have a deep understanding of serving customers through Amazon”, Välilä explains.

We have a deep understanding of serving customers through Amazon.

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