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Germans rarely use discount codes

Germans rarely use discount codes

German consumers may be known for their saving habits, compared to other consumers in Europe they rarely use discount codes when shopping online. Only 30 percent of Germans use a coupon when they purchase something online.

And that’s significantly less when compared to consumers from other nations. For example, 40 percent of Americans and 50 percent of the French first look for vouchers when they are shopping online. And in Italy and Spain, the share is even much higher: 70 and 60 percent respectively use discount codes.

Lack of coupons and lack of knowledge

According to, which surveyed 1,500 people from Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and the US, the most common reason (42 percent) for the low usage of coupons in Germany is the lack of coupon codes for products in demand. Another popular reason (28 percent) is the lack of knowledge of where to find such codes online. And it also matters how often discount codes are shared and how easily online shopper can get access to them (21 percent).

German respondents said that primarily on a retailer’s website or through a newsletter they’ve become aware of offered discount codes (said by 38 percent). Another popular method is just looking for the coupons themselves (27 percent) or receiving the discount code when buying a different product (26 percent).

When they are deliberately searching for coupons, online shoppers mostly use search engines (90 percent). The second most frequent place to search for discount codes is the website of the respective company.