Italian ecommerce association AICEL joins EMOTA

Italian ecommerce association AICEL joins EMOTA

The pan-European ecommerce association EMOTA has welcomed another member. The Italian ecommerce association AICEL, which is short for Associazione Italiana Commercio Elettronico, is the latest to join the club.

Ecommerce in Italy is growing fast and Italian online stores are increasingly selling products across border to consumers in other parts of the European Union. “It’s important for these online retailers to know how they can anticipate the European market and regulatory developments to continue their expansion and international sales”, says Andrea Spedale, Chairman of AICEL.

He says they are very pleased to join EMOTA. “Because it will offer our association a number of important benefits. And joining EMOTA also confirms AICEL as the representative association for the Italian ecommerce sector.”

“Most of the rules and regulations affecting online retailers in Italy now originate in Brussels”, adds Manuela Borgese, AICEL’s legal counsel and association coordinator. “EU legislation is covering or is about to cover issues like data protection, online consumer rights, VAT, electronic payments and parcel delivery, to name a few. Membership of EMOTA allows us not only to get access to information and analysis on these matters, it also enhances the ability of us to influence EU decision making to the benefit of online stores in Italy.”


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