KaDeWe’s online shop is live

KaDeWe’s online shop is live

In April it was announced that KaDeWe wanted an online shop. And now it’s there. The ecommerce website from the famous Berlin department store starts with 3,000 articles from 100 different suppliers.

For now, it’s not clear if the KaDeWe online shop will only be available to customers temporarily, as was mentioned weeks ago, or if it’s to be used for online shopping on the long-term.

First Rinascente, now KaDeWe

In April, news came out that Italian department store chain Rinascente was busy building its online store. The ecommerce website would launch in June, which it did. But it also said that KaDeWe (like Rinascente, owned by Central Group) was considering a temporary online shop.

On the website, KaDeWe explains: “The KaDeWe in Berlin is one of the largest department stores in Europe. Since its founding in 1907, KaDeWe has reinvented itself time and time again, mixing tradition with modernity. As a constantly developing brand, the Kaufhaus des Westens is oriented towards social changes and international trends. That’s why you can now buy selected collections online 24/7!”

KaDeWe has reinvented itself time and time again.

KaDeWe is a very popular and well-known department store in Berlin. On over 60,000 square meters, it offers clothing from international designers and niche labels, beauty products, food and living products.

Beauty items will be sold online in the near future

Online, it currently sells clothing, shoes and accessories for women, men and children. But the department store has already announced it will add skin care, fragrances and more from the beauty sector to its online shop in the near future.

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