LateBird: the German answer to Amazon Go?

LateBird: the German answer to Amazon Go?

LateBird is a German invention that could be a serious competitor to Amazon Go, the checkout-free grocery store of Amazon. LateBird describes itself as an “autonomous digital 4.0 food shopping system”, but maybe it can be better described as a portable container module that houses hundreds of products groups, like frozen goods, drinks, fruits and vegetables.

While many German grocery stores are struggling to find the key to a successful online grocery business, LateBird is the latest player trying to have the solution. Markus Belte, managing partner of Aluvation, thinks his invention is the German answer to Amazon Go.

No personnel needed

With LateBird, customers can fill their shopping basket locally on a touchscreen or by using an app. When this is done, the system spits out the goods, sorted by size and weight, in three output bins. There’s no personnel needed for this process, staff is only needed to refill the items. And if the products desired by the customer aren’t in stock, LateBird will lead the consumer to the nearest container.

LateBird can be moved to another location

“The collection of goods can also be done by someone else, because the barcode of the purchase can easily be forwarded via the app”, Belte tells Manager Magazin. He also says LateBird is suitable for both structurally weak regions and high-traffic locations. “If one location proves to be insufficiently lucrative, the container can simply be moved to another location.”



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