Luxembourg ranks as top 1 cross-border country

Luxembourg ranks as top 1 cross-border country

In terms of cross-border market share, compared to the total online market, Luxembourg is the top 1 cross-border country in 2022. Its cross-border market share is 80 percent. The country’s total cross-border turnover was 1.8 billion euros.

The data comes from the latest Top 16 online cross-border EU countries, which is published yearly by Cross-Border Europe. The study compares the turnover of online cross-border sales within Europe. The total online cross-border turnover in Europe was worth 179.4 billion euros in 2022. The study also compares the country’s cross-border market share, cross-border consumer confidence and the percentage of cross-border web visitors.

Top 16 online cross-border EU countries in 2022

The top 16 countries are:

1 Luxembourg
2 Ireland
3 Austria
4 Sweden
5 Norway
6 Switzerland
7 Germany
8 Denmark
9 Portugal
10 Belgium
11 Italy
12 Finland
13 Spain
14 France
15 United Kingdom
16 The Netherlands

Cross-border confidence level 86% in Luxembourg

Luxembourg ranks as the top cross-border country because of its large market share (80 percent). Additionally, the consumer cross-border confidence level is very high (86 percent). It also has a large amount of cross-border web visitors. According to the report, consumers actively engage in cross-border shopping on platforms like Zalando, Asos, Veepee, FNAC and Amazon (.de and .fr).

UK has highest cross-border turnover

While the ranking takes online cross-border turnover into account, the market share weighs heavier. For example, the United Kingdom has the highest cross-border turnover with 28 billion euros. However, the market share is substantially lower than the other countries, with 17 percent.

The United Kingdom generated a cross-border turnover of 28 billion euros.

The Netherlands takes the last position in the ranking. Its cross-border market share is 15.2 percent. This amounts to 5 billion euros. This means that Dutch consumers do not buy goods from cross-border online stores that often. This can be attributed to the presence of strong local stores, like, Coolblue, Wehkamp and AH. When Dutch consumers do decide to shop cross-border, they often turn to Zalando.

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