Maternia now sells prescription glasses online

Maternia now sells prescription glasses online

Maternia has launched the online sales of prescription eyeglasses. This was originally planned for the second half of 2020, but due to the current situation caused by the coronavirus the eye care specialist accelerated these expansion plans.

Maternia is one of the largest providers of eye care and eyewear in Europe. It operates online shops such as Lentiamo, 321Linsen and Vasesosovky in many European countries. So far it has been selling contact lenses, solutions, eye drops and sunglasses online.

‘Coronavirus forced us to sell online in record time’

And now it also sells eyeglasses online. In record time, they claim, as the introduction of this category was originally planned to go live later this year. “However, the current situation forced us to start selling glasses in our e-shop in record time. At the moment people don’t go to the optician’s so we wanted to offer quality glasses online at a good price”, CEO Jiří Urban explains.

The online sale of glasses started in the online shop of VašeČoč in the Czech Republic, but it will soon expand to the other online stores of Maternia. Next week, glasses will be introduced in the German shop, the Austrian and Swiss shops and, as well as the Slovakian shop Other countries are expected to be launched in the course of May.

All markets are expected to sell glasses online next month.

20 percent sales growth target

Urban expects that online sales of prescription glasses will help Maternia to achieve its 20 percent sales growth target.  The company operates in 16 countries across Europe and has an annual turnover of 27 million euros.


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