Mcommerce in UK, Germany and France: €85 billion in 2018

Mcommerce in UK, Germany and France: €85 billion in 2018

Mobile commerce sales in the three biggest ecommerce markets of Europe – the United Kingdom, France and Germany – will reach over 85 billion euros this year. Almost 57 percent of this amount will come from the UK, while Germany will have bigger mcommerce sales than France.

These estimates come from eMarketer. It’s predicting that mcommerce in the UK will be worth 48.6 billion euros at the end of this year, while mobile commerce retail in Germany is expected to reach 22.39 billion euros and mcommerce in France is forecasted to be worth about 14.32 billion euros in 2018.

Mcommerce in the UK

Mcommerce sales in the United Kingdom were worth over 41 billion euros last year, which accounted for 43 percent of ecommerce sales. That share will probably increase to over 45 percent this year, if the predictions come true and UK mcommerce will be worth 48.6 billion euros.

Mcommerce in the United Kingdom.

Mcommerce in Germany

“Despite a sometimes sluggish economy, retail mcommerce sales in Germany have grown steadily over the past five years”, eMarketer writes. And this should lead to mcommerce sales making up almost 39 percent of all retail ecommerce sales in Germany at the end of this year. And by 2012, sales via mobile devices will represent more than two-fifths of total retail ecommerce sales.

According to eMarketer’s analyst Karin von Abrams, the increased penetration of smartphones is definitely helping to drive mobile shopping and buying in Germany. “Mcommerce had a relatively slow start in the country, partly due to the older skew of the population. But momentum has picked up significantly in the past year.”

Mcommerce in Germany.

Mcommerce in France

eMarketer forecasts that mobile commerce in France will increase by 27 percent this year to reach 14.32 billion euros, representing almost a third of total retail ecommerce sales. By 2021, mobile sales are predicted to make up more than 38 percent of all retail ecommerce sales in France.

The market research company has upgraded its estimates for mcommerce in France since its previous forecast, because of the country’s rapid move toward mobile shopping, which in turn has increased retail ecommerce sales overall.

“Historically, mobile shopping in France has lagged behind comparable markets in Europe such as the UK. However, brands are integrating their mobile websites to facilitate easier browsing experiences, which has led to more mobile browsing and more mobile sales.”

Mcommerce in France.

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