MediaMarkt about to launch marketplace

MediaMarkt about to launch marketplace

MediaMarkt is about to launch its new marketplace feature across Europe. The platform has already launched in beta stage in Germany, Austria and Spain. Next up on the list is the Netherland. After that, the marketplace will expand further across the Benelux.

The major German consumer electronics retailer MediaMarkt has in recent years become more and more of an omnichannel retailer. Though the company owns local physical stores across Europe, customers can also buy from the company’s websites. Now, it has added a new selling feature: a marketplace.

The Netherlands is up next

According to Shariar Khalili, digital director of MediaMarkt Benelux, the Netherlands is next on the list where the marketplace platform will be launched. “I’m really looking forward to the launch in the Netherlands, because the marketplace will offer a lot more possibilities”, he said in an interview with Twinkle Magazine that will appear in the next issue (October 14).

Marketplace for retail partners

The marketplace is a way for Mediamarkt to enhance its product range, while giving retailers the chance to reach a bigger audience. On the German website, retailers can already sign up for the MediaMarkt Marketplatz, which is currently in its beta stage.

To become a retail partner, sellers should be based in the EU with a commercial and tax registration. MediaMarkt also requires sellers to have their own logistics network, or use that of a service provider. Unlike Amazon, MediaMarkt doesn’t offer fulfilment services. Shipments and return have to be handled in a warehouse within the EU. To sell on the German marketplace, sellers need to offer a German-speaking customer service.

MediaMarkt doesn’t offer fulfilment services.

Retail partners can upload their products with a CSV file, in an Excel-template, or use a complete connection in an API interface. The interface makes it possible to manage orders, confirm shipping and communicate with customers.

At this moment, the marketplace offers integrations with Plentymarkets, Effectconnect and Channelengine. MediaMarkt wants to expand its integrations and connections to ecommerce software platforms. To sell on the platform, retail partners are charged a monthly fee of 39 euros, as well as a sales commission for each sale. The commission depends on the product category.



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