Mega Image to launch its own online store?

Mega Image to launch its own online store?

Mega Image, the largest supermarket chain in Romania, could launch its own online store. The company registered the Mega Online trademark, but according to representatives of the supermarket chain this was only done to secure a possible future use. However, it’s interesting what this would do to the online collaboration between Mega Image and ecommerce company

Mega Image registered the name “Mega Online” at the Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM). But this doesn’t mean the supermarket chain is about to open an online store, company representatives told They say the trademark is only registered to secure the domain for a “possible future use”.

Mega Image already joined forces with eMAG
Whatever the case may be, it’s interesting as Mega Image joined forces with Romania’s largest online retailer eMAG back in Augusts 2014 by launching an online supermarket. In this online store Romanian customers can order food and home/personal care products that are also available in the physical supermarkets from Mega Image.

The online supermarket is now hosted as a subsidiary of eMAG, as it also noticeable from the official URL. Maybe Mega Image isn’t too happy with all the eMAG branding on the site and now has plans to open its own online store or supermarket.

Romanian grocery ecommerce market very competitive
Like RetailAnalysis said after Mega Image and eMAG joined forces to launch an online store with over 7,500 articles, the Romanian grocery ecommerce market is one of the most competitive grocery ecommerce markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

Mega Image currently has a network of 411 stores in Bucharest, Constanta, Ploiesti, Pitesti, Brasov and Targoviste.

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