Mobile shopping dominant in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mobile shopping dominant in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Almost 60 percent of consumers in Bosnia and Herzegovina made between two to five online purchases in the last three months. And 83.4 percent of all online purchases were made via mobile devices. These findings show a consumer confidence in online shopping and clear preference for mobile shopping.

These data come from the second edition of the eCommerce Survey from the eCommerce Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It surveyed more than 1,700 consumers and 1,000 online stores. The research gives an indication of the current state of ecommerce in the country.

7.4% placed over 10 purchases in last 3 months

In addition to the large amount of regular online shoppers, the report also shows a growing base of frequent ecommerce users. At least 7.4 percent of the respondents made more than ten online purchases in the last three months. Items that are most often bought online are clothing, footwear, household appliances, cosmetics and books.

‘Only 20.5 percent of online purchases were placed at international websites.’

A minority of 43.4 percent of respondents said that they prefer shopping on domestic websites. They also said that 20.5 percent of their online purchases were placed at international websites. According to the researchers, this indicates an opportunity for international platforms and marketplaces to enter the market.

‘Strategic planning’

Retailers that want to enter the market will need to make sure that they offer card payments in their online stores, as a majority of shoppers prefer this online payment method (32.8 percent). Additionally, they can take advantage of the consumer expectations and preferences that are indicated in the survey.

‘The results offer a foundation for the advancement of ecommerce in Bosnia and Herzegovina.’

“The results of our research, which are the outcome of months of diligent work and dedication, offer a crucial foundation for strategic planning and advancing the ecommerce landscape in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, said Belma Agić, executive director of the eCommerce Association.



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