Momox enters Spain and Italy

Momox enters Spain and Italy

Momox, a second hand marketplace for media products, is expanding to Italy and Spain. The company is also planning to launch its fashion segment, now only available in Germany, in more European markets.

Momox offers a platform for second hand sellers of books and other media products, such as cds, dvds and video games. The company was founded in 2004 in Germany. In 2021, the marketplace generated 355 million euros in revenue. Momox is owned by Verdane Capital of Norway since 2019.

Localized websites and app

Now, Italy and Spain can also use the leading recommerce platform. Both countries will have a localized website ( and as well as access to the mobile app.

Momox will start reselling on eBay next year.

With Momox, users can scan the barcode on a media product and upload it in a mobile app. An algorithm determines a fixed price that the seller will receive. The products can be shipped to Momox for free, which then resells it on Amazon.

Starting next year, Momox will also resell via eBay. According to the company, its second hand products are up to 70 percent cheaper than new items.

Fashion segment in more countries

Including the launch in Italy and Spain, the marketplace now operates in 6 European markets: its home country Germany, Austria, France and Belgium. Previously, Momox was also active in the United Kingdom, but left in 2021 after Brexit.

The platform operates in 6 European markets.

Additionally, Momox plans to launch its second hand fashion segment in more European countries. Currently, fashion is only available in Germany. When and where this will happen first, is not yet specified.

‘We expect further growth’

“Momox has had an incomparable success story over the past 18 years,” says CEO Heiner Kroke from Momox AG. “In view of the increasing popularity of second-hand books, media and fashion, we expect further growth in the coming years.”

He adds: “Awareness continues to grow worldwide that second hand is an inexpensive and sustainable alternative to buying new. So the international business still has a lot of potential.”



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